How to make Tonkotsu Ramen´╝č

20 hours boiling broth.

Our Tonkotsu Ramen is cooked with pork bone. Our pork bone broth takes more time to produce, compared to chicken broth, which can be prepared in around 4 hours or more. Pork bone broth needs at least 8 hours and Yamadaya spends 20 hours boiling it to get the greatest amount of flavor possible. The fire of our stoves, are at the highest temperatures to extract all the flavor and aroma from the pork bone. We must be careful not to burn or overcook it, constantly watching the broth carefully and mixing it at a regular consistency.

Rich and creamy soup.

Once the pork bone broth is ready, it is filtered. We usually find the powder from the pork bone at the bottom of our big pots. Some Japanese Tonkotsu ramen freaks are happy to see the pork bone powder in their ramen bowls after they finish them because it is proof of the authentic Tonkotsu ramen. Of course, the fresh broth is more flavored as well.

Original thin noodle.

Our Tonkotsu noodles are thin and dry so we can enjoy well absorbed noodles, with the broth and flavor soaked deeply within them. The boiling time for our noodles is 45 seconds. If customers prefer harder noodles, it is about 30 seconds or less.

Tasty toppings.

We are also proud of our tasty ramen toppings. Chashu, is a slice of pork meat, that is tender and flavorful. Menma, a bamboo shoot, is crunchy and soaked with sesame seed oil. Our marinated eggs are soy sauce based with the yolk only half boiled. Toppings should be a little less flavored and not have a strong taste so that they harmonize better with the Tonkotsu ramen.

Yamadaya ramen masters.

Our ramen masters focus deeply on the ramen in the kitchen. Their cooking spirit makes our Tonkotsu ramen perfectly, with soup temperature (203 degree), noodle condition (perfect hardness with untangled noodels) and toppings arranged nicely.

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